Sunday, May 12, 2013

Your reply: What should replace Talk of the Nation?

An audience member at a recording of a Talk of the Nation special in 2008. Talk of the Nation ends its run on NPR stations in June.
(Photo courtesy of Flickr user jonny goldstein)

NPR member stations are preparing for a transition of content in its afternoon schedule with the cancellation of Talk of the Nation. The program, ending June 28, is likely to be replaced by many stations with the program Here and Now, which NPR and member station WBUR signed a production agreement on.

A report from the public media magazine Current notes that the distribution of Here and Now, currently done through Public Radio International, is to expire in June. But, PRI is looking to experiment with a combination of national and local content to make the new program. A separate report from Current notes that while Here and Now will be looking for stations to contribute to content, the customized experiment is currently being tested on some member stations.

A spokesperson for Oregon Public Broadcasting, one of the stations taking part, said no decision had been made on what program would replace Talk of the Nation, and declined to comment beyond the Current article.

In San Francisco, a spokesperson for KQED, the most listened to NPR station in the country, said no decision had been made regarding its future afternoon schedule.

What do you think? What should replace Talk of the Nation? Would Here and Now be a viable replacement?

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